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NOTICE: The Administrators/Moderators of this forum take no
responsibility or liability for anything that happens as a result of
reading and/or downloading anything from this forum.

1. The only language spoken/written on this forum is English, Waray-Waray, Tagalog.
2. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.
3. Flaming/Spamming will not be tolerated.
4. Post in proper sections. Read the forum descriptions before posting
5. Always stay on topic.
6. Do not post anything that includes:
Pornographic (image, text, video, links, passwords, etc...) will result in immediate ban
Offensive text/Swearing
Do not quote long posts.
No Advertisements/Referral links

7. Information is very Important so always add it to Your post (screenshots, boxshot, tracklist, if available, as well)
8. When you report posts please DO NOT POST A REPLY.
9. Please Search Before Posting to prevent Duplicate Posts.
10. Do Not Use Full CAPs on your topic Title
If a post requires a fix (crack, key generator, patch links or serial
numbers) to make it work, also include them in Your post
12. Stealing Links from our forum to post on other sites will result in ban.
13. Always Code tag your links.
14. Do not post anything that leads to another warezsite (password, .txt, sig, avatar, link, Image, etc...)
15. Do not post hacking utilities
Flooders, harvesters/spam tools
Virus making tools/tutorials, or anything that can do potential damage.

16. Always test your links before posting.
17. Do not bump old threads just to say the links are dead or to ask for a reupload. Use the request sections Instead.
18. Post direct links only. Redirection links will result in warning(s).
19. Do not attempt to bypass our word censor. may result in warning or ban.
20. Do not double post use the edit button! (will result in warn)
21. All Requests must be in appropriate section or they will be locked.
22. Post bumping is strictly forbidden, may result in ban.
23. You must comply with all of the rules above while using PM, Avatar, Signature functions.
24. Do not post any asterisks or any other weird signs to get attention for your post.
25. Do Not Post Tags on your Titles Ex: [HTTP], [], etc... If they are being posted constantly you will be warned.

Our staff reserves the right to edit/modify/remove any post at any time.
How to Become a Staff Member?
not ask anyone of the staff if you can become a Admin/Moderator, If we
think you are doing great and will need more staff members we will
contact You. If you do ask anyone to become a Mod/Admin you will be
blacklisted and we will never pick you for staff member ever.[/size]


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