W/\RNING!!! This is a type of Scam!!!

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W/RNING!!! This is a type of Scam!!!

Post  Whisle on Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:18 am

If you are a guild leader, and you are offered something that is worth
way more than what your item is worth, don't take it. Like trading a
dsr ashcrow set for a black fenrir. People will try to scam you,
especially if you are a GUILD MASTER. They will ask for you to trade,
they will put their item in and tell you to put in yours. Then they
will make up some excuse to close the trade, or they will close without
any excuse. Then they will guild war you and then they will trade you.
That item that you saw previously in the trade before will
AUTOMATICALLY be there. And he will wait for you to put your items in
and tell you to press OK. Thats about it, I hope GUILD MASTERS don't
get scammed, this happened to me and also my friends who are also guild
masters. Well Good luck!


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